design A personalized plan complements the architecture of the home and buildings on the property and works with the environmental conditions and constraints of the site to create a natural and sustainable setting. 

The lifestyle and personality of our clients are reflective and seamlessly incorporated into elements and features of their plan. The aesthetics and functionality are carefully planned to both stimulate and sooth the scenes. 

Whether it is your initial view and impression when entering a property or relaxing within an intended area; colors, textures and fragrances are critical as are the choices of hardscape materials and ornamental plants.

1. Point of Initial Contact

  • We are interested in a general scope of your intended project.
  • We will ask you to gather information that will help us understand your lifestyle and personality. This can include items you have collected such as a property survey, photos articles, websites, sketches or plans that depict the look and feel that represents you, your family, and the outcome you would like to achieve.
  • We will schedule an initial consultation time with you and your spouse, usually at our design studio, allowing us to take advantage of our resources.
  • A “Client Profile Packet” will be sent to you to fill out and return to us prior to your initial consultation for us to be completely prepared.

2. Initial Consultation

  • We will introduce you to the Martin Process and share relevant examples of previous projects where we have turned client’s visions into reality.
  • We are here to listen to you and gather information.
  • We want to review your Profile and information you gathered to share with us. This is where you give us your “wish list” and share with us your vision. Through the information gathered in this meeting, we will determine the scope of your project and determine an initial design fee.
  • A “Design Letter of Intent” will be presented for you to retain Martin Nursery for design services.

3. Design Process

  • We conduct an on-site evaluation defining your sites conditions and constraints.
  • Using the information gathered and provided, a personalized conceptual design will be created.
  • Initial costs and budget ranges will be estimated for the project elements. Conceptual presentation with budget ranges presented.
  • Client feedback and input will determine the scope of the project for the final schematic plan and budget.
  • A “Construction Letter of Intent” is presented to you. Once signed, a time line with be established for construction.

4. Approval & Completion

  • Finalized schematic plan review
  • Construction contract review
  • Production scheduling and review